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UV Sterilizer / UV Lamp

ULTRA FRESH UVF432W, Ultra Violet (UV) disinfection system in drinking water. Disinfecting the drinking water with UV light will ensure that viruses, bacteria, algae and other pathogens are not harmful in the water supply. This process is accomplished without adding any harmful chemicals to drinking water. UV technology provides an environmentally friendly way to keep the water disinfected and is available for residential, Cottage and commercial application. Ultra Violet light (UV-C), Wavelength 253.7 nm function excellently in sterilization, which results from the pattern of ray absorption of cells, that is, great absorption by base pairs in DNA, triggering a mutation in the DNA, which cause immediate death of the bacterium or their reproduction failure

Specification Data

UVF - Series

UVY - Series

UV Sterilizer Lamp (Four pin / Single Ended)

UV Sterilizer Lamp (Bi pin / Double Ended)


UV Sterilizer


UVF - Series


UVY - Series

UV Lamp


UV Sterilizer Lamp

(Four pin / Single Ended)


UV Sterilizer Lamp

(Bi pin / Double Ended)

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